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Aari Embroidery Course

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Course Details


  • How to Fix a Stand and Frame
  • How to Attach the Cloth
  • How to Handle Aari Needle
  • Planning and Marking the Design
  • How to Choose the Right Embroidery Materials
  • Learn More Than 80 types of Stitches
  • Tips and Techniques
  • Learn From Basic Blouse Marking to Till Finishing the Blouse with Aari Work
  • Blouse Designing Ideas
  • Price Fixing Tips
  • Basic aari embroidery materials
  • Fabric details for aari embroidery
  • How to fix cloth on frame
  • How to fix stand and frame
  • Details about aari needle
  • Needle handling
  • Tracing method- 1
  • Tracing method -2
  • Tracing method- 3
  • Blouse marking

Types of Stiches Details

80 Different Types

1. Basic chain stitch
2. Maze and Round
3. Sharpness,edges,curves
4. Aari end knot
5. Chain stitch (silk thread)
6. Double chain stitch
7. Zig zag stitch
8. Double zig zag stitch
9. Chain with Zig-Zag
10. Double chain with Zig-Zag
11. Bead stitch
12. Buttonhole stitch
13. Stone chain stitch
14. Kundan stone stitch
15. Stem stitch
16. Chain filling stitch -1
17. Chain filling stitch -2
18. Fancy wheel stitch
19. Running bead,Tube beads,cut beads stitch
20. Tube bead stitch
21. Cut bead stitch
22. Chamki stitch
23. Running chamki stitch
24. Chamki loading stitch
25. Chamki filling stitch
26. Chamki with bead stitch
27. Bead filling stitch
28. Chakri with jarkan stone stitch
29. Khatta stitch
30. Flat loading stitch- straight loading stitch
31. Flat loading stitch- cross loading stitch
32. Butterfly stitch -1
33. Butterfly stitch-2
34. Leaf filling stitch-1
35. Leaf filling stitch-2
36. Leaf filling stitch-3
37. Double color leaf filling stitch
38. Feather stitch
39. Long chain stitch
40. Thread loading stitch
41. Bead loading stitch
42. Cut bead loading stitch
43. Embossed leaf filling-1
44. Embossed leaf filling-2
45. Chotti stitch
46. French knot
47. Long french knot
48. Lazy daisy stitch
49. Water filling stitch
50. Mirror work
51. Double padded loading stitch
52. Zardosi stitch
53. Zardosi chain stitch
54. Zardosi stem stitch
55. Zardosi loading stitch
56. Mat filling stitch
57. Embossed mat filling stitch
58. Ring knot
59. Zardosi mat filling stitch
60. Zardosi french knot
61. Zardosi long french knot
62. Zardosi long french knot with chamki
63. Zardosi lazy daisy stitch
64. Zardosi kundan stone stitch
65. Bead braid stitch
66. Zardosi braid stitch
67. Long zardosi stitch
68. Zardosi fishbone stitch
69. Zardosi leaf filling stitch
70. Zardosi rose stitch
71. Cut work
72. Coin work
73. Patch work
74. Flower patch work
75. Hangings
76. Pendent work
77. 3D work
78. Double color zardosi braid stitch
79. Pattern stitch
80. Honeycomb stitch



Basic Aari Embroidery Course
55 Basic Stitches

Rs. 4000/-
Without Materials

Rs. 5500/-
With Materials

You can learn all basic Aari designs with our video tutorials

Advanced Aari Embroidery Course
25 Advanced Stitches

Rs. 3500/-
Without Materials

Rs. 4000/-
With Materials

You can learn all advanced Aari designs with our video tutorials

Aari Embroidery Materials in SV Aari Designer.

Rs. 1500/-
+ shipping charge extra
  • Basic Materials Kit